9 Tools Every Java Developer must learn in 2021

After the Pandemic, a lot of things have changed in the past months. All we can do now is learn from what happened and move on with our lives. If you are a programmer, the biggest challenge in your life is to keep yourself updated. Technology changes in a blink of an eye, and syncing with that can be a little challenging. However, we are here to help you with that. Here is the list of the top 5 things every Java Developer should learn in 2021.

This article is mostly about the few advanced and necessary tools that Java Programmers must learn in the coming year, just a few months away. Even if you have been using Java for a long time, you should look into the below-mentioned tools at least once.

Numerous tools are available in the Java World, starting from the most used IDEs like NetBeans, Eclipse, and IntelliJIDEA to JVM monitoring and profiling tools like VisualVM, JConsole, and Eclipse Memory Analyzer, etc. 

However, this article is based on general tools that are relevant to every type of Java Developer.


Kubernetes is known as one of the most hunted after skills by every type of company. In case you are looking forward to learning a new tool and skill which will be beneficial for you throughout your career, then learning this fantastic tool will be a great idea. This little thing radically changes the whole code deployment procedure, making sure that it releases the rollouts without delay.

This is an essential tool for implementing the Hybrid Cloud Environment. That means a similar code can be run on developer machines and the various cloud environments like GCP, AWS, and Microsoft Azure.

So, it doesn’t matter if you are a Junior Java Developer or someone with experience. It will 

Always be beneficial for you if you have learned Kubernetes.


Docker is a free open-source which automates the deployment of various applications on the physical servers and cloud. These tools allow the system admits and developers to ship, run, and build different distributed applications don’t matter if you are on the laptop, VMs, data center, or the cloud.

It collaborates with Linux, Windows Vendor, Cloud, and numerous other companies that focus on IT Automation. This tool is very much compatible with taking advantage of that. If you are interested in learning new technology in the coming year, then definitely try the Docker for the Absolute Beginner course, which gives you full fledge teaching on Docker along with various coding exercises.


If there is one language that Java Developers should learn in the coming year, it is Groovy. This tool complements Java pretty well, and it is more functional than any other. It has many uses, such as you can use it for test scripts and scripts and use them for infamous frameworks like Spock and Gradle.

Apache Groovy is one of the object-oriented program languages which are used for Java. Ruby, Python, Smalltalk, and Perl’s similarities expand Java by giving compelling and relatively shorter syntax. If you are a newbie, then learning the whole Apache Groovy Developer Course is a good idea.


If you are someone with more than 3-4 years of experience in Java, you must be familiar with Maven. However, if you are a fresher, then this is a fantastic tool to learn in 2021. Apache Maven falls under the project and builds management tools.

Basing the concept of POM or Project Object Model, this tool can be used to project’s build, documentation, and reporting from the central portion of information. Dependency management is another great feature of Maven.

As we use numerous third-party libraries in Javascript, organizing every one of those JAR and managing the dependency can be quite hectic; this tool Maven solves those issues by downloading the correct and needed JAR you automatically.


This tool is the best out there for software- testing specially intended for web applications. Selenium offers the playback tool for various authoring tests devoid of learning a new test script language. You can use this tool to test HTML and JSP files.

These tools also offer quite a lot of libraries and tools for browser automation. If you are into testing space and automation, then selenium is a great choice. 


Git is one of the most important tools for people who use Java. It is an open source and free version software which is designed to handle the control system and everything from small to large projects with efficiency and fast results. This tool is quite easy to learn and performs surprisingly fast.

If you are a beginner then definitely try to learn this tool.


This tool works with specification and testing the framework of Groovy and Java applications. The most unique thing about this application is that it possesses highly functional specification language. The JUnit runner, this tool is compatible with most of the IDEs, continuous servers and builds tools. 

This is one of the most exciting tools to learn in 2021.


JIRA by Atlassian is known as one of the important tools in the worlds of Agile Development. The tool is mostly used for issue tracking, bug tracking and project management. If you are familiar with the agile development such as methodologies like Scrum and Sprint then it is necessary for you to learn JIRA.


This is another free and open automatic build system which uses the best insights of Apache Maven and Ant and elevates it to the next level. This tool is also for the basic building tool for Android.

Gradle launches a very Groovy-based specific domain based language or DSL rather than XML used by the Apache Maven for announcing project configuration which makes the process ten times easier. All of these qualities make it perfect for any type of Java project.

This list is not mandatory for every Java Developer who has 5-10 years of experience. But if you are a beginner, then you should try these out. This article is mainly about the Basic and Advanced tools Java Developers should learn in 2021.

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